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A new springtime of the Renaissance in Brescia

The reopening of the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo and a major exhibition devoted to Titian and the Painting of the 16th Century in Venice and Brescia, two spectacular events focusing on Renaissance art, come together as spring kicks in to create a memorable renaissance in their own right.
Fondazione Brescia Musei is eager to celebrate – but primarily to share – this important occasion both for the city and for art lovers from all over the world by offering in-depth encounters, conversations and special initiatives exploring not only art and history but also other areas of culture such as music, fashion, the theatre and much more, working in conjunction with some of the city’s most prestigious cultural institutions to recreate the full splendour of the Renaissance in its many and varied forms of expression.


Sunday, 11th March
White room, Museo di Santa Giulia, 10.30 a.m.

Valter Malosti, talented contemporary theatre actor, directs and recites Shakespeare’s Sonnets, in a CTB production. Alongside another actor and a musician, he presents his interesting research work on the likely dialogue between the various performing arts.
Malosti will also meet his public to “speak about his theatre” in the picturesque rooms of Museo di Santa Giulia.

Free entry (until seats are available). At 10.00, before the event, a small breakfast (coffee, biscuits and fruit juices) will be offered to attendees.

In collaboration with CTB, Centro Teatrale Bresciano
Holders of a ticket for Museo di Santa Giulia will get a discounted ticket (€ 10) for the show “Shakespeare’s sonnets”.

22nd March, 29th March and 11th April
Fashion meets Art
White room, Museo di Santa Giulia, 6.00 p.m.

16th century clothing will be presented through materials and works of art on display. This source is essential to learn about the customs, habits, and trends of those times.
Three important events will be held:

FASHION AND CUSTOMS IN THE 16TH CENTURY with Roberta Orsi Landini, a renowned scholar and historian of fabrics and customs, Thursday, 22nd March; 

FASHION ARMOUR with Marco Merlo, Conservator of the Arms Museum Luigi Marzoli in Brescia Thursday, 29th March;

THEATER COSTUMES. Art and illusion, with Alessio Rosati, brillant costumist and scenographer from Siena, Wednesday 11th April.

Thursday, 21st June

The teachers and students of Conservatorio Luca Marenzio will perform an evocative concert of Renaissance chamber music specially organised concurrently with the exhibition ‘Titian and 16th Century Painting between Venice and Brescia’. During the same event, the book “Beautiful Antique Musical Instruments in Brescia” will also be presented. The book offers an interesting  inventory, and much more, of musical instruments and the first musical academies in Brescia.
In collaboration with Conservatorio Luca Marenzio in Brescia


Saturday 28th April

An amusing thematic tour for those who want to discover and learn about the great exhibition and its both known and less known works-of-art. Participants, through questions, assumptions, and discoveries will be invited to enter the magic world of art. The concentration and spirit of observation of a real explorer will be required to look for and recognize the presented paintings.

Best for: children from 5 to 11 accompanied by parents/relatives
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Cost: 7.50 € each participant
Booking: CUP Museo di Santa Giulia 030.2977833-834

Sunday 8th April

Special screening for the exhibition ‘Titian and 16th Century Painting between Venice and Brescia’, at Cinema Nuovo Eden

by Sergio Manfio. Animation. 85′. Italy, Poland 2018

Family ticket (2 children + 2 adults)€ 16.00
Bring an adult to the movie (1 child + 1 adult)€ 8.50
Booking: only through the call centre 199208002
For more info 030.8379404 –

31st March | 21st April
6th May | 16th June

New proposal dedicated to families organised by Brescia Museums Foundation in collaboration with La Carrara Foundation in Bergamo on the occasion of the great exhibitions held in these two cities: Titian and 16th Century Painting between Venice and Brescia and Raffaello and the Echo of Myth. 

Jointly designed workshops will be held on 16th century painting: in one, the Educational Services of Brescia Musei will be hosted by Pinacoteca of Bergamo. In the other, run by the educational services of the Carrara Academy, they will be hosted by Museo of Santa Giulia.

Saturday 31st March, 3.30 p.m., in Bergamo,  Masters and Pupils. In the Painter’s Workshop.
Saturday 21st April,  3.30 p.m., in Brescia,   The Artist’s Suitcase
Saturday   6th  May, 4.30 p.m., in Bergamo,  Masters and Pupils. In the Painter’s Workshop
Saturday 16th  June, 4.30 p.m., in Brescia,    The Artist’s Suitcase

More details about the above events will be provided and divulged later through the usual communication channels and published on the web site

Guided tour of the exhibition and other sites that beautified Brescia

During the first two centuries of Venetian rule, Brescia turned from medieval town into a beautiful Renaissance city. Indeed, at the beginning of the 16th century, a new building spree began: urban spaces were rearranged, new streets opened, Piazza Loggia built.
Due to a strong economic growth, the local aristocratic families got richer, and began to show off their power by building palaces decorated by great artists. At the same time, new churches – real treasure chests of art jewels – were commissioned by the Clergy.


Tours will be organised of the city and the surrounding areas, in order to better contextualize the lively cultural climate that led to the creation of so many masterpieces. All this precious city heritage will also be on show in the rooms of Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, Diocesan Museum and at the exhibition ‘Titian and 16th Century Painting between Venice and Brescia’.

In collaboration with the Associations of the following Authorised Tourist Guides: Arnaldo da Brescia, ArteconNoi, Brescia Guide, Bresciastory, Il Mosaico

More details about these events will be provided and divulged later through the usual communication channels and published on the web site


Proposal 1
Tour including  the exhibition ‘Titian and 16th Century  Painting between Venice and Brescia’, 16th century  masterpieces of Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo and Museo Diocesano and  Averoldi Polyptych, in the church of San Nazaro e Celso*
*when the church is open

Duration: approx. 3.30 hours
Cost: € 10 discounted ticket – € 6 under 18; 200 € tour guide per group (max 25 people)
Meeting point at the Ticket Office of Museo di Santa Giulia
CUP 030/2977833-834

Proposal 2
More detailed tour to be chosen from the following: Exhibition ‘Titian and 16th Century  Painting between Venice and Brescia’; or Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo; or Museo Diocesano or Church of San Nazaro e Celso with Averoldi Polyptych*
*when the church is open

Duration: approx. 1.30 hours
Cost:  € 10 discounted ticket – € 6 under 18; 110 € tour guide per group (max 25 people)
Meeting point at the Ticket Offices of the various sites
CUP 030/2977833-834

Also the schools in Brescia wanted to share this important moment for the city: some schools have carried out experimental projects in collaboration with Brescia’s Museums foundation and focused on Brescia’s rich Renaissance heritage. 

Istituto Superiore Mariano Fortuny, (Fashion curriculum): with much attention to details, it has successfully reproduced the dress worn by the princess portrayed in the magnificent 15th century painting Saint George kills the dragon.

Innova Turismo, in collaboration with CFP Zanardelli e Canossa in Brescia, Thursday 5th April, will offer a taste of dishes made with local produce and the main local food ingredients since ancient times.

Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le nuove tecnologie Machina Lonati will produce a 3D animation with the reconstruction of clothing and draping of garments depicted in some of the paintings exhibited in the Nuova Pinacoteca.